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Creative production Book Wim Vanlessen


Wim Vanlessen, our famous principal dancer of ballet flanders took his final bow in season (2018-2019) after an impressive carreer of 25 years...

That means it was time to tell his story.

Together with belgian publisher Hannibal  we made his book DANCER.

This book pays a tribute to Wim as an incredible dancer.

We worked with  the greatest team  :

Graphic Design : Paul Boudens

Text : Michael Gardner

Images : New photography by Willy Vanderperre ( Cover & Inside ), Stephan Vanfleteren,  Zoë Parton & Nicha Rodboon.  

In addition to all the balletphotograps we had from the archieves, on and off stage



Cover by Willy Vandeperre, graphic design Paul Boudens

Photography by Willy Vandeperre

Photography by Stephan Vanfleteren

Image from SPARTACUS