Organising exhibition & performance 


After the first lockdown DEUSS GALLERY finally could reopen again the gallery but under limited conditions. Only 14 people at once


Together with PERPODIUM we came up with the idea to invite artists who couldn’t start up yet and invited them to gave an intimate performance on the gallery’s rooftop terrace. .

( or inside with bad weather )

12 invited guests + 2 artists

According to the covid rules of that time , performances only could

take place outside,  without an audience. 

That is why we streamed the performances live, on IG and streamed it in the gallery.


WEEK 1 : Elise Caluwaerts : Soprano

WEEK 2 :  Jaouad Alloul : musician- theatermaker - Queer Activist 

WEEK 3 : Wim Vanlessen : former principal dancer Ballet of Flanders

WEEK 4 :  Koen Degraeve : Actor 

WEEK 5 :  Pieter Embrechts : musician- actor


With the great exhibition “ Provenance “ by @joost_vandebrug 


DEUSS Gallery x Perpodium